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We offer a range of cleaning services to suit your needs, from a standard steam clean, to our deluxe cleaning package.

Standard clean includes;
Inspection report-  evaluation of carpet, stains and written quote
Move furniture
Pre vacuum
Pre conditioning and stain treat
Hot water extraction

Deluxe clean
Inspection report-  evaluation of carpet, stains and written quote
Pre vacuum – hospital grade filters remove dry soil
Move furniture – most furniture moved
Pre conditioning and stain treat
Rotary agitation – soft brush or pad loosens soil from fibres
Hot water extraction – powerful machine removes dirt from carpet
Rotary dry pad – removes last of water to reduce drying time
Final grooming – resets the carpet pile
Replace furniture-  plastic tabs beneath furniture
Air movers may also be used to speed drying time if required.

This is our most popular cleaning process and brings out the best in your carpet.

Most stains can be removed if treated ASAP. Our technicians can remove;
Coffee                                      tea                                wine
Rust                                         water marks                 grease
Betadine                                   blood                           chocolate
Tomato                                    soya sauce                    gravy
Pet stains                                  ink                                water based paint

We provide a 24hr emergency service for urgent work and flood damage.

Dry cleaning is also available if required. 


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